In March of 1992, a group of London area boxer breeders got together to form a new Boxer Club. The name chosen, Boxer Club of Western Ontario, coincides with the C.K.C's Western Zone for Ontario. The first official meeting took place on April 23, 1993. The founding members represented over 275 years of experience in breeding, showing, handling and/or judging Boxers.

They were

  • Jack & Cathryn Ireland - Pinepath Kennels,

  • Judy Jury - Trimanor Kennels (President),

  • Mike McGuire,

  • Dan & Rhonda Roberts,

  • Doug & Donna Squires - Chardepado Kennels (Doug - Vice President),

  • Ted & Rita Smith - Teri-Don Kennels,

  • Nancy Strange - Greenhaven Kennels (Treasurer),

  • John & Janice Plank - Tonik Kennels (Janice - Secretary).

    These individuals were, and still are, dedicated to the promotion of this wonderful breed and have made the education of Boxer owners, club members, and the general public a primary goal of the club.

    Since the inception of the club, there have been many accomplishments due to the hard work and dedication of the club's membership, which has grown to over thirty people. Some of these accomplishments are:

    The annual Specialty show - held each year in Woodstock in conjunction with the Oxford County Kennel Club July Show.

    · The club holds a yearly fun match for all Boxer owners with an education session on subjects such as breeding and agility competition.

    · The club holds a yearly booster.

    · Regular club meetings include education sessions on subjects such as "how to handle emergencies and deal with illnesses" (given by vets); details on heart monitoring and testing.

    · The Club has established a Boxer Rescue Group that has successfully placed several dogs to date.

    · Donations to: The Pet Trust; Humane Society during the Ice Storm in Eastern Ontario; other needy Boxer Rescue Group.


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